Oscar Diggs thought he had it all when he became the almighty OZ. But being a wizard has it down sides.==

How it all happendEdit

Oscar Diggs was a travling circus magician. One day,before the show. Oscar(also known as Oz throughout the movie) gives a music box to a girl. After the show, He looks outside to see the girl`s boyfriend destroying the music box! Then he chases him. Oz gets in a ballon and flies away. But he should have left at different time. His Hot Air Ballon gets suked into a tornado.

Inside the TornadoEdit

Inside of the Tornado,Oz discovers many different things. In the middle of the tornado,everything seems to "float". His Hot Air Ballon gets tossed around some more. Then the wind cools down.

Landing In OzEdit

When Oz gets up he finds a senic view. The land of Oz is standing right in front of him. But his ride to get there was not over yet! He lands in a river to get pushed over a waterfall. When he gets to the end. His ballon starts sinking. Then he meets Theodora the witch of the east. There Oz convinces Theodora that he is the wizard that everyone in Oz has been waiting for.They get chased by evil baboons. Later that night, they talk about a evil witch. Everyone thinks it is Glinda the good.They dance afterwards.

Meet Finley Edit

The next morning, they talk about ruling Oz because the wizard can rule Oz. They hear calls for help. Oz goes over to rescue a flying monkey in a bell hop uniform. A lion attacks them and Oz throws a smoke bomb,scaring the lion away! Right after the monkey, gives his life to Oz. He will be his loyal servant until death. Then he introduces himself as Finley. His Family was attacked by the wicked witch. He had been hiding in the woods ever since. They see emerald city. When Theodora is a little ahead. Oz tells Finely that he is not the Wizard.Thinking that he is joking around. Finely laughs at his "joke". But he finds out that Oz is not joking. But he already sealed the oath. He can never stop being his servant.

Emerald CityEdit

They arrive at Emerald City. Getting gretted by Nook, the city councilmen. Who Oz calls sourpuss.He tries to sound his trumpet, but is stopped. Inside of the throne room. He meets Evenora, the wicked witch. (But nobody, but Glinda knows that.) Oz tries out the thorne. Right after Oz leaves. Evenora talks to Theodora about Oz. In other words. Evenora is not convened that Oz is the Wizard.

The Royal Treasure of OzEdit

Later that night, Evenora shows Oz the Royal Treasure of Oz. She tells him that it is all his. But after he defeats the Wicked Witch.

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