The Wizard of Oz is a movie created in 1939.  It was based on the book written in 1900, and has been rewritten since. The movie's prequel is Oz the Great & Powerful.


The SettingEdit

The Wizard of Oz mainly takes place in the land of Oz. When it does not, It takes place in Kansas & the Tornado.

The BeginingEdit

The story begins when Dorothy is running down the dirt road with her dog, Toto. Dorothy was making sure Toto wasn't hurt, because Mrs. Gulch tried to hurt Toto because he was playing around in her garden and he bit her leg. She tries to tell her Aunt Auntie Em, but she is too busy. She tries to tell her Uncle Henry's hired farmers, but they are too busy. She just gives up & sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Mrs Gulch & the Fortune TellerEdit

     Then Mrs. Gulch rides to the Gale's house on her bike with a basket. She tells Em & Henry they need to talk about Dorothy's Dog. She tells them she got an order from the sherrif not allowing any harmful dogs. Auntie Em tries to tell her Toto is a nice dog & only harms people harmful to him. Mrs. Gulch takes Toto away anyway.

    Dorothy cries for the loss of her dog, when all of the sudden, he's back! He escaped the basket on the back of Mrs Gulch's bike. Then Dorothy decides she needs to run away with Toto. She runs to a Traveling wagon with a male fortune teller. She wants to travel with him to see the crowned heads of Europe. Then a Tornado comes & Dorothy runs home with Toto.

The TwisterEdit

   Meanwhile, everyone is releasing the animals & running to the storm shelter. When Dorothy gets there, she sees no one and tries to get into the cellar with everyone else, but no one hears her. She runs inside the house & a window crashes & hits her head, which knocks her out. Then she awakens to see many things out the window flying, realizing the house was in the twister. Then she sees Mrs Gulch on her bike & then, she transforms into a wicked whitch, perhaps maybe the wicked whitch of the east, because she was close to the house when it fell on her. Then, the house comes down to a thud!

Munchkin LandEdit

        "Toto, I think we're not in Kansas anymore." Dorothy exclaims as she steps out of the house into Munchkin Land. Then she sees a bubble floating down to the ground. Now she knows she's not in Kansas. The bubble turns into a pretty lady with a wand. She asks Dorothy if she's a good witch or a bad witch. Dorothy tells her she's not a witch at all and that witches are Old and Ugly. Mysterious high pichted laughing comes from the bushes! Dorothy wonders what they are! Then the lady tells Dorothy that she is a Witch, Glinda, the Good witch of the north, and that she is in Munchkin Land. Then the Munchkins come out & start singing because the wicked witch of the east was killed by the house. The Mayor of Munchkin Land welcomes Dorothy & the Coroner comes and declares that the witch is really dead. Then the Munchkin Lullaby Leage & the Lollipop Guild welcome Dorothy & they give them gifts. Then, a huge explosion blew near the Munchkins!

The Wicked Witch of the WestEdit


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